Once upon a time.... two teachers had a vision.  Their dream was to establish a children’s museum in Jacksonville. They possessed a keen responsibility to educate all children in Onslow County through community efforts and inspire creativity. Determined to not allow the four walls of a classroom to restrict them, they often traveled hours away on museum field trips. This was costly and eroded valuable time from the exploration of their student’s curiosity and desire to learn.  Their intuition and experience precipitated one simple observation-The high population of families and youth in Onslow County and Eastern Carolina deserved attention.

In 2005, these two leaders enlisted the help of ten more civic minded others and inspired them with the same vision.  At this point, the journey really began to take shape.  In 2008, their efforts led to a successful non-profit status catapulting our founding educators’ inspiration for the future of a local children’s museum.  Finally, a much needed cog for our community growth and youth development had arrived.

Purchased in 2017, the once Boomtown Furniture building seemed naturally designed to accommodate the hopes and dreams of the founders. Since officially opening November 30th 2018, Zing Zumm has been the humble host of many events ranging from fundraisers and community development soirees to birthday parties and holiday retreats and everything in between.


This museum is the patchwork of many efforts since its inception.  The following is a timeline of major events that led to the birth of the museum as we all know it today.

2005:  A Collective was formed to commence the process

2008:  Official incorporation, Board of Directors established

2009:  Naming contest within all Onslow County elementary schools for Children’s Museum of Jacksonville’s trade name kicks off

2010:  The winning name is selected: “Zing Zumm” Ah-may-zing Mu-ze-um, submitted by Johannah Stanely

2010:  Original logo designed by Kathy Canby

2011-2016:  Fund and Awareness Raising

2017:  Purchase of 625 New Bridge St. property (Formerly the Boomtown Furniture Building) and renovations begin

2018:  Continuation of major renovations to property; opened to the public November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018: Officially open to the public, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

2019:  Served 20,868 visitors

2020: Closed March-September due to COVID-19

September 2020- Present: We have served over 50,000 visitors; operate 7 days a week with field trips, daily programming, parties, camps, and more!

“I am excited to learn that a group of educators have taken the initiative to implement their vision to help enrich the lives of the children in the Jacksonville-Onslow County area through an interactive educational museum.  The museum has the potential to draw traffic from areas outside of Onslow County thereby increasing the tourism industry in Onslow County.

But, most importantly, through the curriculums planned, it will be a tool to broaden the education of the areas children.  Children are the future of our great nation and I am always proud to support the efforts of those who contribute to enhancing their educational skills."

Former NC Congressman Walter Jones