Once upon a time.... there were two teachers who dreamed of a children’s museum in Jacksonville. They had spent many years taking kindergarten students on the hour-long bus ride to and from the children’s museum in Wilmington. With the high population of young families in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities, it seemed like it would be a natural fit for Onslow County.

So in 2005, these teachers found ten others with the same dream and began to work on making it a reality. By 2008, they had received 501©3 status as a non-profit organization. Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation were filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State and a Board of Directors was established.

Now they had to get to work! Since it’s founding, the museum has held many events, fundraisers, and information meetings. The purchase of the former Boomtown Furniture building in 2017 solidified that original dream and the museum opened its doors on November 30th 2018.