At Zing Zumm, we have over 20 hands-on exhibits for families to explore. Many of them are sponsored by businesses and organizations located right here in Onslow County. Check out just some of our available areas for playing, imagining, creating, exploring, and learning!

Room 1

Tot Spot sponsored by the Ray Family
The Tot Spot was created with our visitors of any developmental stage in mind. It is also the perfect area for our younger friends to learn, explore, and play. The Tot Spot is filled with age appropriate toys and books, an activity wall with plenty of different activities to stimulate growing minds, and even an indoor playset and soft mats provide a space to safely run around and climb.

Camp Zing Zumm sponsored by Saigon Sam's Military Surplus
Kids will feel like they are really outdoors when they explore Camp Zing Zumm. They can go camping in one of the two tent set ups, tell stories around the "camp fire," or even pretend they're rowing down the New River in a full size replica dinghy boat.


The Zing Zumm Amaze-ball in memory of James "Roy" Smith
The Zing Zumm Amaze-ball is our in house plasma globe where everyone can get hands-on and experience a visual representation of how gas is turned into plasma via electricity.

Calming Room sponsored by the Marsh Family
Sometimes playing and learning is loud, and sometimes playing and learning is more quiet. The Calming Room is a great place for a few minutes of quieter play. There are puzzles, a great big ball, a trampoline, sensory bins, and other manipulatives available for use.

Zing Zumm Community

Grocery brought to you by Publix Supermarkets
In the marketplace, children can pretend they're shopping with our child friendly grocery carts, real food containers, and "fresh" fruit and veggie stand. They can also explore being a shop keeper and helping customers behind the cash register.

The Bakery brought to you by Publix Supermarkets
Children can get creative with creating their own "baked" goods or pretending they're running their own business behind the cash register. Allowing a space for children to get creative and immerse themselves in everyday "grown-up" tasks such as visiting a marketplace or bakery helps fine tune social skills and build self esteem.

Dental sponsored by White & Johnson Pediatric Dentistry
At the dental exhibit, kids can imagine what it's like to be a real dentist with a real dental chair. There are plenty of books and child appropriate dentistry "tools" to help learn all about having great dental hygiene and staying healthy.


Finance sponsored by Marine Federal Credit Union
It's never too early to learn about the importance of money management. Guests can use the replica ATM to decide how much they want to "spend." Or, if they're looking for a really great game, Money Memory is a great way to practice recall skills while identifying different types of U.S. currency.

Kid Fit sponsored by First Bank of Jacksonville
We have a kid sized replica fitness area available for kids to explore the importance of physical fitness and movement. If focused equipment isn't quite their style, the community center is also equipped with Snug Fit play equipment specifically for climbing and playing.

Claws and Paws sponsored by Onslow Animal Hospital
Centered around veterinary health, Claws and Paws is the perfect place for little ones to both play and pretend to be a veterinarian, as well as learn about how to keep our favorite furry friends safe and healthy.

The Pizza Factory sponsored by Golden Corral of Jacksonville
The Pizza Factory is the perfect exhibit for our friends to not only practice their patterns, shapes, and counting but also to pretend they are a world class pizza chef. Or if they'd like, they can take orders at the cash register and serve happy customers.


Farm & Apiary provided by Duke Energy Foundation,

The Whole Kids Foundation & The Bee Cause Project,

Pam Thomas, Eric Talley, Stoff Grosskopf, Rex Black, & Will Russell

The brand-new Farm and Apiary exhibit celebrates our local farmers and agricultural community by helping teach children where the food they eat comes from. Our replica bee hive creates the perfect space where friends can pretend to be little bees and learn all about the importance of the bee and pollination in the growing process.

Room 2

Through playing with puppets children can use their imagination to create their own characters and stories. We have a number of puppets for children to choose from, and even a stage where their characters can be the stars of the show!

Construction sponsored by Ronald McDonald House Charities
In our construction exhibit, children are encouraged to explore their imaginations through building and creation. Our Imagination Playground and Rigamajig playsets are perfect for active and socialized play. For a more detail oriented building experience, there are plenty of Legos, wooden blocks, and magna tiles for all ages to enjoy.

Zing Zumm's Traverse Wall sponsored by the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club
By playing on the Traverse Wall children are given the opportunity to practice their hand/feet/eye coordination, problem solving, and decision making skills, and build muscle. Plus, it is a great place for kids to build their self esteem and confidence as they conquer moving from one end of the wall to the other.

The Train Depot
Playing with trains allows children to explore their imagination and creativity while having them utilize their fine motor and problem solving skills. However they'd like to play, we've got plenty of trains, track, and tables for children to maximize the benefits that playing with trains has to offer.

Dramatic Play
Dramatic play is a wonderful opportunity for children to explore their imaginations, practice how to work with others, and enhance social interaction skills. We have a number of costumes for children to use to act out their favorite character from their favorite stories.

Book Nook sponsored by the Jacksonville South Rotary International
Our Reading Room has recently undergone renovation, and is better than ever. Children can take a break from the active play of other exhibits and relax by reading either their favorite book or finding a new one to explore.

Coastal NC sponsored by Burrito Shak, Jarrett Bay Boatworks, and Coastal Bank NC
We love being a part of the Eastern North Carolina community, and this exhibit is a celebration of all things ENC. Complete with a working lighthouse and pirate ship, you'll learn everything you want to know about our beautiful region.

Room 3

The Creation Station sponsored by Marine Chevy Cadillac
Our Creation Station always has a number of crafts on hand to engage imaginations and inspire creations; complete with cabinets and drawers full of just about any crafting material and tool needed for complete artistic expression. It's also the perfect spot for learning about colors and experimenting with different creative techniques and textures.



Space Exhibit sponsored by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce 19' Leadership Class
Our space exhibit offers an opportunity to not only pretend they're a real astronaut, but also learn all about Jacksonville's very own astronaut, Christina Koch. When they're not using their imaginations and exploring, they can check out our autographed pictures from real NASA astronauts, and real patches from NASA missions.

Weather Exhibit provided by WNCT Channel 9 On Your Side
With a working green screen, anyone can watch themselves on our TV while delivering the latest Jacksonville weather updates. When finished with the news segment, visitors can learn about the different types of weather.

The Discovery Zone
The Discovery Zone is a space where children can use their hands and minds to practice patterns or counting. If they're feeling a little more creative, our magnetized activity table and magnetized white board provides them with a large space to explore how magnets move and how they can be used to create new shapes and designs.