Play for All

Check out our Play for All dates on our calendar here! Choosing your date will take you directly to the registration site.

Join us the second Thursday of each month from 530-730pm for an inclusive Play for All evening.

These playtimes are designed for families and children of all abilities and needs to enjoy our hands-on exhibits. We limit our admission to 50 visitors, down from our usual 150. Inclusion and diversity trained staff are available for assistance, and we have additional sensory objects/bins/activities available for use as well as noise cancelling headphones and sunglasses if needed. We encourage pre-registration; however, we know that life is messy and, at best, unpredictable so we will also accept visitors on a first come first serve basis if we are able. Please call ahead to confirm your spot, if you have a special request, or to check availability. This play time is for your family to feel safe and comfortable amongst friends who are here to support you any way we can!

- All surfaces are sanitized and wiped down.
- Most manipulatives, props, toys etc. are totally removed and taken back to our kitchen for a deep clean (that’s what is happening in the video. Items are being placed in bins to relocate.).
- What we don’t have double of is sanitized and wiped down.
- Items like Legos are on a schedule where they’re sanitized and then thoroughly rinsed with water for a deep clean; then, they dry overnight for the next day of building.
- This is just a short list of what happens daily. There’s plenty more! To make our Play for All times more accessible, we are accepting sponsors for each month. If you or your business are interested in becoming a sponsor of Play for All, please contact our Executive Director, Samantha Plocica at for more information.