Play For All: Sensory Sensitive Playtime

**Due to lack of interest, Play for All has been canceled until further notice**
If you are interested in an event or playtime similar to Play for All please contact us at

Who is "Play For All" for?

This event is designed to make your family feel safe and comfortable amongst friends who are here to support you any way we can! Play For All is for children with disabilities and their families to enjoy our hands-on exhibits in a more predictable and sensitive environment. We do this by limiting our admission to 50 visitors, down from our 360 person capacity. Inclusion and diversity trained staff are available for assistance. We also provide sensory objects/bins/activities, noise cancelling headphones and sunglasses at no additional cost.


Admission pricing information can be found here. While we try to have most of these evenings sponsored, they may not be every month. If your family does not need a sensitive play time, please be respectful of those who may and join us on a different day.

- All surfaces are sanitized and wiped down.
- Most manipulatives, props, toys etc. are totally removed and taken back to our kitchen for a deep clean (that’s what is happening in the video. Items are being placed in bins to relocate.).
- What we don’t have double of is sanitized and wiped down.
- Items like Legos are on a schedule where they’re sanitized and then thoroughly rinsed with water for a deep clean; then, they dry overnight for the next day of building.
- This is just a short list of what happens daily. There’s plenty more!

Make a difference in local children's lives: Learn more about becoming a sponsor for Play For All HERE!